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The Paradox Of Our Age
by the Dalai Lama

We have bigger houses, but smaller families
More conveniences, but less time
We have more degrees, but less sense
More knowledge, but less judgment
More experts, but more problems
More medicines, but less healthiness
We've been all the way to moon and back
But have troubles crossing the street to meet the new neighbour
We built more computers to hold more information
to produce more copies than ever
But have less communication.
We have become long on quantity but short on quality.
These are times of fast food but slow digestion
Tall man but short character
Steep profits but shallow relationships
It's a time when there is much in the window
But nothing in the room.

Dalai Lama

I think it's very appropriate 
I don't know if anyone will views this or not, I know I mostly lurk on Deviantart to enjoy and admire other peoples work. I thought it important to spread the word and share this for anyone who may come across it. Jassy2012 is very sick she needs to raise a considerable amount of money I do not know her personally, but she has a husband and three children who deserve to have a mother to support them through life. I simply wish to help her message reach as many people on this site as possible. Please if anyone reading this can afford to donate go to the page linked in this post. 

Thank you dearly to anyone who took the time to read this. 


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Hey guys, I realized once again I have just ignored the notion of writing anything on here. I am really terrible at writing about myself, my life is pretty ordinary so I am always forgetting to write or post on here. I prefer to lurk and admire other artists work. I cannot draw, I could probably draw stick figures but anything beyond that would scar people for life. 

So as this is my first official journal entry I feel I should expand a bit on what there is to know about me.

I'm female
I was 5'4 or 5'5 last time I measured myself
I live in Australia
I'm a brunette still
I'm not 23 anymore ^^
My favourite colour is still Red
My favourite drinks are Tea and Water
I write most of the time
I am not a romantic or overly emotional person. This is still true
I'm very animated when I talk so I have a lot of hand gestures and emphasis on certain words
I am afraid of clowns, marionettes, dolls, crocodiles and heights...but mostly clowns.
I am very random at times
I also have a freakishly good memory. I can remember conversations other people have had, or that I've had word for word after years have passed, or tv shows from years ago, I can recite books from memory if I want to.
I LOVE Lord of the rings, Dragon Ball Z, Marvel, Dr Who, Shadow Hearts, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Stargate, Bioware games, Bethesda, Assassins Creed, Sims, Persona, Dynasty Warriors, Fable